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Many parents have asked me, “How can I best support and reinforce what my child is learning in reading therapy?”  This is a valid question since a private reading therapist will cost approximately $75.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours per week.  What is a working parent to do when they cannot afford the full $600.00 per month, long term?  Well, the answer is found in our E-Learning Portal, Cardinal Reading Strategies’ online language training practice facility.  Our E-Learning Portal houses The English Code Language Training System. 

The English Code Language Training System, our premiere language training system that incorporates auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic instruction with highly interactive, digital content, places students in position to master the eighty-five percent of the English code that is phonetic.  Further, and most importantly, it allows English language learners to make intelligent choices towards mastering the remaining fifteen percent of the English code that must be analyzed in order to be applied properly.  

While not your traditional learning management system where the data is managed, compiled, and analyzed for you, we provide the data management documents in PDF so that parents can do it themselves.  This way, parents have some “skin” in the game.  Our system is designed to encourage and develop a parent’s ability to look “behind the curtain” of the reading science and develop a clearer understanding of the needs of their children.  This, however, does not mean that parents are going at this alone.  Subscribers may reach out to us, at any time, for ad hoc advice.  Simply write us an email or call, and we will be there for you.  Our approach was carefully selected to foster parent empowerment in the teaching of reading and spelling to their own children through the following “housekeeping” documents.  Click the links below to obtain your copies.

  • The English Code E-Learning Portal User’s Guide, a 36-page reference guide that explains the system and all of its nuances.  (Parent’s should download and read this document prior to beginning remediation utilizing our E-Learning Portal.) 

  • Phoneme Checklist, a 13-page document that allows parent’s to track teach individual phoneme reviewed, including:  the date that a phoneme was introduced; the date that the student mastered the concept in isolation; the date that the student demonstrated mastery of the concept in application; and the dates that the concept was reviewed. 

The eighty-five drills in our E-Learning Portal are divided into ten categories.  Each digital drill is in HTML5 format and houses a self-guiding, interactive, multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham-based lesson that teaches the intricacies of the English language using audio and animations. Most parents struggle to afford evidence-based reading instruction which may cost $75.00 per hour or more.  With our E-Learning Portal, parents, with or without a language training background, may easily provide support for learned concepts and move their children along faster.  This will cut the intervention time in half and, thereby, the costs.  Doesn’t paying for six months of reading intervention sound a lot better than paying for a year or more?  Concepts learned in therapy on Monday may be reviewed daily, with parental guidance, until the next therapy session.  When the next session arrives, a brief review to ensure mastery is all that is required, and the student quickly moves on to the next, new concept, cutting intervention time and costs, considerably.  A brief simultaneous oral spelling drill is included in each drill.  Parents may expand the simultaneous oral spelling drill using the word lists provided in the User’s Guide.  Families will have consistent contact with a systematic and forensic approach to master the reading and spelling of the English language for all students who are struggling with language acquisition.  For a small fee of $9.99 per drill (Morphology Indexes cost $12.99-$19.99), highly interactive, evidence-based reading practice is available within the comfort of your own homes, and you, the parent, are the reading support specialist.  Students who struggle with reading benefit from repetition, and you can come back to the drill as often as you like.  You own it!

The complete language training system has been organized to provide fluidity of information to ensure success.  Concepts that build upon other concepts have been placed accordingly in our Scope and Sequence.

Please note.  You will find that, in our system, there are no cute little animals, funny faces, games, or anything else to distract the student from the task at hand.  This curriculum is not designed to entertain.  In its purest form, The English Code Language Training System explicitly and systematically fortifies the intrinsic relationship between sounds and the symbols that represent them in the English code.

Parents and students may access our E-Learning Portal and work through our language training drills on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smart phones.  Whether you are at home, at the beach, or traveling, as long as you have broadband, you have a reading tutor at your fingertips. Finally, evidence-based reading instruction on demand and on the go!


Register for a free account to try our sample drills. 


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