Who We Are

At Cardinal Reading Strategies, our primary objective, with the Orton-Gillingham tradition as our foundation, is to provide tools, goals, and structure that meet the needs of students requiring either primary instruction or remediation in the reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) of the English language. 

Orton-Gillingham (evidence-based reading instruction) is an intensive, sequential, and cumulative approach that teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings.  We teach to students’ strengths while improving their weaknesses through explicit and systematic phonics instruction.  As a result, a student’s ability to master reading, writing, and spelling of the English language is fostered, forensically.

With our evidence-based approach, supported by our 24/7, Remediation Center, students can be quickly shown the phonetic nature of the English language and the proper structure of the written language.

Our services may include any of the following:

Special Education Advocacy 

Reading Assessments

Evidence-Based Reading Intervention

Word Attack Skills


Phonemic Awareness

Reading Fluency

Reading Comprehension

Sound-Symbol Correspondence


Writing Skills

Study Skills



Cursive Handwriting


Teacher Training

Parent Training

Language Training Supplies 


“Writing is a remarkably clever encryption device by which we turn spoken language into a rich visual texture of marks on stone, clay, or paper.  Reading corresponds to the decryption of this texture.”


-Dr. Stanislas Dehaene

Our Services


We strictly adhere to the five (5) pillars of reading as dictated by the National Reading Panel (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, morphology, and reading comprehension). Evidence-based reading instruction helps students who need instruction or remediation with the English "code". A WINDOWS 10 TOUCH SCREEN IS REQUIRED.


Schools are doing a terrible job of teaching our children to read. To make matters worse, they are dishonest when it comes to the provision of special education services. Parents and students will definitely benefit from a board certified advocate in special education who is trained to advocate for all thirteen disability classifications under IDEIA.

Rapid Development

The Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach is an intensive, sequential phonics-based system that teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings. The Orton-Gillingham approach revolves around the scientifically-based concepts that humans acquire and master language through three distinct neurological pathways: visual processing (seeing), auditory processing (hearing), and tactile-kinesthetic processing (feeling).

Reading, however, is not natural, and its learning is effortful and time consuming.  As describe by Pinker (1997), “Children are wired for sound, but print is an optional accessory that must be painstakingly bolted on.”

-Dr. Maryanne Wolf


Language Training

Explicit and Systematic
Reading Fluency
Reading Comprehension

Reading Assessment

Gray Oral Reading Test-5
Test of Word Reading Efficiency-2
Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2
Assessment of Sound/Symbol Correspondence
Detailed Report


I.E.P. Review and Development
Attendance at IEP and 504 Meetings
Direct Observation in School Setting​
Referrals to Outside Professionals
Early Intervention Services
Web/Phone Consultations

Remediation Center

Unlimited, Global Access
24 Hours per Day
87 Individual Lessons
Self-Guiding with Audio
S.O.S. Drill included with Each
Ad Hoc Guidance

“In an alphabetical writing system, the reading of written words requires the establishment of connections between each basic unit of the written language and the corresponding unit of the spoken language.”

-Drs. Sprenger-Charolle and Siegel

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